Zendesk Guide and Safari Compatibility Answered

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Sophia Laurent

Hi guys, might be a bit of a noob question but is it possible for users on Safari to use Zendesk Guide? We went live on Tuesday but the users on Safari can’t open the homepage for our Guide. Instead it opens a specific section but none of the articles appear in that section.

The user we are testing this with is using Safari Version 13.1 (15609.

Could you please advise if this is a supported version for Zendesk Guide?



  • Will Gates

    Hi Sophia

    That is a great question!

    There is currently a known issue with Safari.

    Recent versions of Apple Safari browsers include Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) safeguards. To protect personal information, these safeguards can restrict how first-party and third-party cookies are recognized and used in the browser. In turn, restricting cookie usage has an impact on many popular, browser-based applications, including Zendesk.

    Because of these new restrictions, agents, administrators, and end users who use Safari or Chrome browsers to access Zendesk will see some issues. This includes potential redirects at sign in and invalid cookie-related error messages. Also, access issues can occur with host-mapped domains, apps, and integrations.

    The latest version of the Apple Safari browser, Safari 13.1, fully blocks third-party cookies. If you are using a host-mapped domain for your Help Center, agents and end users cannot sign on with a Safari 13.1 browser. The only workarounds are to use incognito mode or try another browser.

    At Zendesk, we’re working to maintain and improve Safari and Chrome support. We will continue to find the best way possible to manage these ITP and cookie updates and provide you with the best experience possible for you and your customers.

    For updates and more information, I suggest that you follow this article in our knowledge base:

    Zendesk support for cookie-restricted browsers.

  • Sophia Laurent

    Thanks for the response, Will. Are you happy for me to use your response above to give to our end users or is there an official announcement that I can place on our intranet?

  • Will Gates

    Hi Sophia, the best thing would be to refer to the offical article on this topic in our knowledge base which can be found at https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034788653.